Why You Should Buy Fallsgrove MD Homes

Fallsgrove MD homes are located in a 257-acre community within Rockville. Here you’ll find a plethora of purchasing options, ranging from low-maintenance townhomes and patio homes to single family residences and sprawling multi-family estates. This planned community offers a total of 374 homes set amid 80 acres of wide open space.

Many residents say they like living in their Fallsgrove MD homes because they are so close to all the amenities they could ever want, including restaurants, shopping centers, recreational parks, area businesses and quality schools for their children. They also appreciate the neighborly atmosphere, with garden groups, parades, yard sales and community holiday celebrations.

People living in Fallsgrove MD homes are pretty well-to-do, with an average household income of $68,074 and its populace working in predominantly white collar professions. Rockville in general has a lot of mathematicians, scientists, geographers and astronomers. There are also many artists committed to making the city as aesthetically pleasing and cultural as possible. Fallsgrove MD homes are a great place for young, upwardly mobile career starters, as well as families who are more established. This is a very stable, family-friendly place to live with that country atmosphere. The average commute is about 30 minutes, but the people who dwell here like the quiet and larger yards.

If you like the amenities that the Fallsgrove MD homes community has to offer, then don’t hesitate to contact a realtor today. You may peruse listings of Fallsgrove MD homes on the following streets: Blackwell Road, Deep Trail Lane, Fallsgrove Boulevard, Jay Drive, Jersey Lane, Long Trail Lane, Long Trail Terrace, Nature Lane, Oak Knoll Terrace, Prettyman Drive or Windy Knoll Drive.

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