Which National Home Sales Markets Are Best?

When reviewing Chevy Chase homes, I like to utilize my own resources, however, on occassion, Zillow.com is an interesting site to keep an eye on, as it lists recent home sales and areas that may be considered “movers and shakers.”  Overall, I believe that much of the data coming out of Zillow is flawed, and yet you can see which neighborhoods are increasing in value, which areas offer the biggest discounts, and where the housing markets seem most stable. The last statistics they provide are the quarterly ones from May 2011. Let’s take a look and see where people are buying homes, sadly, you won’t see many mentions of Chevy Chase MD homes in this list.

The regions with the best month-over-month home sales include:

Spokane, WA +2.5%
Pueblo, CO +1.9%
Punta Gorda, FL +1.5%
Pittsburgh, PA +1.3%
Fort Myers, FL +1.1%
Pensacola, FL +1.1%
Columbus, OH +1%
Destin, FL +1%
Port St. Lucie, FL +1%
Bend, OR +0.9%

The regions with the best quarter-over-quarter home sales include:

Spokane, WA +6/4%
Pueblo, CO +5.4%
Punta Gorda, FL +3.7%
Fort Myers, FL +3.4%
Pittsburgh, PA +3.4%
Port St. Lucie, FL +2.8%
Pensacola, FL +2.5%
Columbus, OH +2.4%
Destin, FL +2.3%
Bend, OR +2.2%

The regions with the best year over year home sales include:

Pittsburgh, PA +3%
Fort Myers, FL +1.8%
New Orleans, LA +0.9%
Honolulu, HI -0.5%
Bend, OR -0.3%

A few other regions for home sales:

Cape Cod, MA -0.4%
Champaign-Urbana, IL -2%
Merced, CA -2.2%
Fort Collins, CO -2.4%
Knoxville, TN -2.5%

If you’re looking at the number of total home sales, there are some encouraging trends, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest. Rochester, New York saw more than a 77 percent increase in the month of May, for example. York and Allentown, Pennsylvania are selling 70 to 107 percent more homes this quarter than last. Dayton, Ohio and Stamford, Connecticut may be down in their sale numbers from last year overall, but are seeing some uptick in recent activity. This is by no means a complete picture of the home sales action in the country, but it does give a clear indication that some markets are beginning to see the light.

Interestingly, in the time I spent digging up this research, Congress has passed a debt ceiling bill that seems to have impressed almost no one, and our national credit has been downgraded sending the stock market down.  So, having said that some areas of the country are looking up in regards to real estate, I reserve the right to revisit this topic and see how national trends affect our own areas.  For instance, a month or so ago, I wrote about Chevy Chase MD luxury homes for sale, and noticed that their values seemed to be slipping.  I had hoped that seeing a national trend towards a more stable housing market might prove beneficial for higher end homes, such as Chevy Chase homes for sale, but with current developments, I’m really not sure how much weight to place on the Zillow research I did!

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