Potomac MD homes for sale see asking prices continue to slide

According to the most recent numbers obtained, Potomac MD homes for sale continue to see their asking prices drop.  Although we are not at low records for the past two years, we are within just tens of thousands of dollars, and it is quite likely that we will cross that barrier in perhaps the next […]

Potomac MD Homes – May 2011 Homes For Sale Update

Normally, when writing these articles about Potomac MD homes, I look at one year of data.  Today, I will venture a bit outside of my normal comfort zone and look back two whole years!  Overall, I’d say that there have been a bunch of ups and downs, but after two years, we really aren’t too […]

Luxury Homes For Sale In Potomac MD – Video Update

When I talk to homeowners, in almost any part of town, I often get questions about higher end homes, as compared to the larger marketplace as a whole.  For instance, luxury homes for sale in Potomac MD is a different market than the entire area of Potomac and those high end homes have special marketing […]

Potomac MD homes for sale – monthly wrap up for April 2011

It’s been a month or so since I reviewed Potomac MD homes for sale, so it seems only fair to give it another go.  To start off, let’s look at the median asking price of available homes in this community. For today’s posting, let’s focus on the trend line, which is shown in gold.  One […]

Potomac MD Homes For Sale See Dropping Asking Prices

Potomac MD homes for sale have seen a bit of a price reduction lately, at least when we are looking at homes for sale.  The graph below show two years worth of data tracking homes for sale in Potomac, or zip code 20854.  We are not looking at condos in this graph, though we certainly […]