Potomac MD: A Place For Winners

Potomac, MD real estate has housed very successful people in the past and in the present. It has been the home to extremely wealthy CEOs – Chuck O’Dell (Marriott International) and Kenneth Feld (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus), for example. It’s a haven for professional sports players like the NFL’s Dhani Jones, Ryan […]

Why We Love Potomac MD Homes

Potomac MD homes are located 15 miles northwest of Washington DC along the Potomac River. Deep lots and rolling hills peppered with horse pastures characterize the landscape. The area’s 46,600+ residents can join one of the many local equestrian-related organizations or take a ride out to the scenic Great Falls National Park. CNN Magazine recently […]

Potomac real estate market update for March 2012

It’s been awhile since we have covered the Potomac real estate market, so to correct my omissions, I will make up for lost time.  The first graph I want to review is the median asking price of homes for sale in Potomac, and this is a pretty active graph, that doesn’t actually tell us too […]

Bethesda Real Estate – Chevy Chase And Potomac Comparison

Bethesda real estate is often discusses as if it were a stand along market, not connected to any other locations or in close proximity to other areas.  But of course it is, which is why today’s post is showing three local communities so that we can compare and contrast their fortunes over the past two […]

Potomac homes for sale market update

In late June of this year, I took a bit of time to look at Potomac homes and wrote about how their median asking prices seemed to be falling.  At that point, median prices for Potomac was around $1.28 million and very close to the lowest values we had seen over the past two years.  […]