Why We Love Chevy Chase MD Homes

Chevy Chase MD homes is a charming residential community that is far removed from the noise and chaos of downtown DC. Like many suburbs, Chevy Chase moved from farmland to suburbia when the streetcar line was built. Yet, Chevy Chase was a little more far-removed from the city, which enabled the small town charm to […]

Bethesda Real Estate – Chevy Chase And Potomac Comparison

Bethesda real estate is often discusses as if it were a stand along market, not connected to any other locations or in close proximity to other areas.  But of course it is, which is why today’s post is showing three local communities so that we can compare and contrast their fortunes over the past two […]

Which National Home Sales Markets Are Best?

When reviewing Chevy Chase homes, I like to utilize my own resources, however, on occassion, Zillow.com is an interesting site to keep an eye on, as it lists recent home sales and areas that may be considered “movers and shakers.”  Overall, I believe that much of the data coming out of Zillow is flawed, and […]

Luxury Homes In Chevy Chase MD See Asking Prices Drop

Chevy Chase MD luxury homes for sale have seen their median asking price fall by almost half a million dollars over the past two years.  For the purpose of this short post, I am treating the most expensive 25% of homes on the market at any given time as luxury homes.  If you wanted to […]

Median Asking Price Of Chevy Chase MD Homes Drops $350,000

When trying to gauge the market for Chevy Chase MD homes, I thought it might be helpful to look at the past two years of data.  Turns out, it wasn’t that helpful!  Well, it was helpful in seeing just how far values have fallen lately, but it sure wasn’t pretty to look at. Two years […]