Early Homes And Life In Chevy Chase MD

I’ve always thought Chevy Chase MD was a special place. Many people thought the neighborhood must be named after the famous actor. However, this land has gone by that name since the 1700s. It is believed that “Chevy Chase” refers to a prime hunting area in Northern England’s Cheviot Hills. The area began as a […]

The History of Chevy Chase MD

People always ask me if Chevy Chase MD was named after the famous actor. While I love the National Lampoon movies and “The Three Amigos,” I’m sorry to report that the name of the suburb really has nothing to do with the actor. And no, he was not named after Chevy Chase MD either. There […]

AreaVibes Calls Chevy Chase “Exceptionally Livable”

A new website AreaVibes has rated Chevy Chase MD as “exceptionally livable,” with A+ for amenities, A+ for crime, A+ for employment, A+ for housing and B for weather. They did give us a C for education and an F for cost of living, but the good news is – we’re still better than Bethesda! […]

Chevy Chase MD Real Estate Asking Prices At 3 Yr High

Looking back, I see that it has been quite awhile since I have written an article about the Chevy Chase real estate market, in regards to trends and what we might expect in the near future, especially when it comes to asking prices for current homes for sale.  I intend to make up for that […]

Best Chevy Chase Neighborhood: Kenwood

Recently, Bethesda Magazine rated the top neighborhoods of Bethesda, Maryland. Kenwood was among one of the very best communities and it is nestled right here in Chevy Chase. The close-knit community of Kenwood is a neighborhood of elegance, beauty and class that attracts attention from tourists and national leaders alike. The Famous Cherry Blossoms of […]