The History of Bethesda MD From The 1920s ThroughToday

Life was bustling for residents of Bethesda MD in the 1920s… and so was the traffic — thanks to the invention of the automobile, the amount of disposable income in Bethesda, and the first village traffic signal (installed at the intersection of Wisconsin, Old Georgetown and the East West Highway).  By 1930, 6,000 vehicles passed […]

The History of Bethesda MD Real Estate (Part I)

If you’re thinking about moving into the Bethesda MD real estate market, you probably would like to know a little about the area’s history. I always find it fascinating to learn how these small towns evolved into the “best places to live.” One early resident said that Bethesda was once little more than “a wide […]

Bethesda MD Wins “Top-Earning Town” & 17th “Coolest City”

Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked Bethesda as the #17 “Coolest City in America.” They rated the area a 95 on the “Arts & Culture” index, 89 on the “Recreation” index, and 67.7 on the “Diversity” index. There are 1,727 local eats too. The median age in Bethesda MD is 39, unemployment is low at 5.2 percent, […]

A Few Of Our Favorite Bethesda MD Neighborhoods

Bethesda MD is the sort of place you’d feel comfortable raising a family. We have beautiful homes, scenic parks, low crime rates, and extremely walk-able communities. Yet, there are many distinctive neighborhoods to choose from. A few months ago, Bethesda Magazine listed the very best neighborhoods in Bethesda MD (and the surrounding area) to settle […]

Why We Love Bethesda Real Estate

Bethesda real estate marks the perfect balance between suburban calm and city amenities. It’s a rare DC suburb that attracts as many people as the capitol city itself. At one time, Bethesda was just a stop on a Georgetown trade route, but residents began flocking to the area once the streetcar system came. The opening […]