Potomac MD Homes For Sale Market Update – December 2011

Last week, I wrote a bit about real estate activity in Bethesda, and now I want to take a bit of time and write about another local community, Potomac MD homes for sale, and maybe at the same time, learn something about Avenel MD homes as well.  The first statistic we will look at today […]

Love Horses and Golf? Try Avenel MD Homes!

Located within Potomac, Avenel MD homes are one of the most popular locations of luxury homes in the state. These high quality homes are built by some of the most in-demand high-end builders in America. In fact, many builders themselves choose to live right here in this prominent community. Prices start in the $1 million […]

Avenel Homes For Sale – Market Update

Avenel MD Homes For Sale and Potomac Real Estate – from where I sit, it’s really difficult to discuss one market without discussing the other.  Avenel is located within Potomac, but sometimes I like to focus on smaller areas, but to do so, I also need to look at data from the larger community.  Today […]

Avenel MD expired homes – best selling techniques

In our current real estate market, we are seeing more and more Avenel MD expired homes, I would suspect well above normal rates, due to the fact that there seem to be more sellers on the market today than there are buyers.  After months and months of trying to sell their homes, owners simply get […]

Avenel MD Homes For Sale May/June Market Update

Any time I report on Avenel MD homes, using graphs like these, in broad terms for my blog, I am merely using the larger Potomac market as a barometer, and drawing conclusions from that area, and inferring that the same is true for Avenel.  For specific homes, or individual clients, who want more detailed info […]