Expired Listings

The listing contract on your home has terminated, you are now known to local real estate agents as a D.C. area expired listing and you might be wondering how best to proceed. If at all possible, take a deep breath, look back and see if there might have been any mistakes that you made.  Was your house overpriced? Was your house presented as well as the competition inside and out?  How about your real estate agent?  Did your agent utilize the most effective marketing tools for your behalf?

In our current market, with so much bad news across the nation about the fate of real estate in general, it can be daunting to even think about putting your home back on the market.  But rest assured as uncomfortable as your situation may feel right now there are countless other D.C. area expired listings that have been where you are now.

Your house can be sold for market value and in less time than other listings.  All that it takes is an aggressive and effective marketing plan and what was once an expired listing can become a successful sale.

As an example, perhaps your last agent performed only a cursory look at the market and wasn’t properly prepared to offer a realistic price recommendation. In the future, be sure that any real estate agent that you consider is totally up to date with the most recent happenings in your local market.  Make sure they know the average days-on-market for properties as well as the current absorption rate.

You may have noticed on our blog page that we strive to be exact and we consider statistics at the neighborhood and zip code level and not just by county or state when reporting on communities in and around the D.C. market.  This is the kind of information that will allow you to price your home appropriately and make sure that you never experience the pain of being an expired listing again.

Another aspect of your past experience you may want to reconsider is the actual marketing that your real estate agent does on your behalf.  Did you get a sign in your yard, a brochure detailing your house and listed on the MLS and not much else?  Maybe one or two ads in the in local paper?  An open house?  Many real estate agents believe that these items constitute a marketing plan but we know these handful of items are just the beginning.

In direct contrast to many other agents we have a detailed and exhaustive marketing campaign that we put into action every time a new client hires us.  When we meet with a homeowner whose house has become an expired listing we make sure to point out some of the marketing that we do and that others don’t.  Examples are a over sized yard signs, active niche blogging, YouTube videos and much more.  The result is that your home is found on the internet for thousands of additional buyers who are searching for homes that match your criteria outside of the MLS!

To get a better idea of what exactly we do to sell a home, please visit our page outlining our D.C. area real estate marketing plan.