Real Estate – Buying Tips

Real estate buying is a scary (yet exhilarating) stage in life. Knowing what to anticipate and how to approach the whole process is important if you want to maintain your sanity and make the right decision. It’s important that you are not in a desperate position where you need to move immediately. Remember, if you need to stay somewhere temporary – like a hotel or a friend’s house — while you look, that is better than making the wrong choice. Here are a few real estate buying tips for first timers …

Think “Location, Location, Location!” You want the shortest commute to your respective workplaces with the most amenities right around the corner. You want a neighborhood that is appreciating in value, not declining. You want a home with good local schools, shopping, services, and scenery.

Decide upon your “non-negotiable” features before you start looking to minimize arguments. Likely a few compromises will need to be made on any home, but buyers need to know their deal-breakers before starting the hunt. For instance, a wife may need a spacious living room to entertain a close extended family for the holidays, while a husband may prefer to have a two-car garage with added storage space for his tools.

Bring a checklist. It can become disorienting to look at many different houses, so the more organized you are, the better! Print off a standard checklist of features for each room so you can make notes while you tour. Take pictures or print out the original listing and staple it to your checklist.

Get pre-approved! A mortgage pre-approval letter will help you secure the home of your dreams as soon as you find it. You’ll know just how much house you can afford and you may be able to use this as a bargaining chip at some point during the real estate buying process.

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