Real Estate – Buying: Is It The Right House?

Whether you are looking to buy Bethesda homes for sale or Chevy Chase homes for sale, somehow you just know when you find the right home. You’ll get a wonderful feeling the moment you walk onto the property and it’s almost magical. You immediately feel comfortable and excited. Of course, there is more to real estate buying than going with an instinctual, emotional sensation. Before taking the next step, ask yourself the following:

Can we afford it? Your lender may say “yes,” but think about the monthly payments you’ll be making, the moving expenses, remodeling costs, and your savings cushion. Real estate buying shouldn’t bankrupt you.

Is the home in good condition? If the home needs a new roof, plumbing, electrical wiring upgrades, or a new foundation, you can expect to pay a lot. “Fixer-Upper” homes can quickly become money pits. On the other hand, a home that is move-in-ready will save you a lot of expense and headache.

Is it the right size? Families will need considerable size for dining, more than one bathroom, and several bedrooms. You’ll want a garage that can fit both vehicles. You should take a look at the storage space and try to imagine where your furniture will be situated.

Do you feel comfortable in the home? You’ll want to consider things like central / forced air, programmable thermostats, window positioning, stairs and layout.

Are you able to tackle maintenance? Swimming pools look wonderful, but they are a ton of work. The same is true of ornamental trees and hardwood floors.

Real estate buying is a big ordeal, but it’s also very rewarding when you find a place where your family can flourish.

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