Potomac MD: A Place For Winners

Potomac, MD real estate has housed very successful people in the past and in the present. It has been the home to extremely wealthy CEOs – Chuck O’Dell (Marriott International) and Kenneth Feld (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus), for example. It’s a haven for professional sports players like the NFL’s Dhani Jones, Ryan Kuehl and Willie J. Williams, as well as the NBA’s Calbert Cheaney, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning, Antawn Jamison, Buck Williams and Patrick Ewing. Potomac MD was – at one time — the home of actor Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and former ABC News Anchor Ted Koppel.

So why would all these stars make Potomac MD their home? Let’s look further…

Geography Potomac is located 15 miles northwest of Washington D.C., bordering the Potomac River. The area’s rolling green hills and large lots make this a great place for equestrian lovers and wealthy residents who want to establish spacious estates. The river is a tranquil and wonderful place for nature-lovers and fishermen alike. Absolutely stunning views await you at Great Falls National Park, which is right in your backyard if your home is Potomac MD real estate.


What is now “Potomac Village” was first settled by Edward Offutt in 1714 after he was granted a 600-acre plot of land by Lord Baltimore. Offutts Crossroads, as it was called, became a bustling rural community frequented by both farmers and travelers. In 1820, a tavern set up shop and the community soon gained two general stores, a blacksmith shop and a post office to serve its 100 residents. In 1881, the community was renamed “Potomac” by John McDonald, an Irish Civil War veteran who settled here. At the turn of the century, business owners began setting up residential structures on the northern part of Falls Road and the area was considered one of the most desirable suburban communities in the 1950s. While many original buildings were demolished to make way for strip malls and office buildings, you can still se many old farmhouses and The Perry Store. The modern focal point of Potomac MD real estate is Potomac Village, a small cluster of upscale shops and restaurants at Falls Road and River Road.

Why Live Here?

Potomac MD real estate draws many retirees who want to live close to the lively Washington D.C., but also enjoy the natural beauty of the suburbs. You’ll find every amenity you need in Potomac Village, but there is still a feeling of autonomous space and leisure (especially in neighborhoods like the Avenel Golf Community). Neighborhoods like Falconhurst, Bradley Farms and Palatine are the perfect setting to find your multi-million-dollar dream mansion.

How To Find Potomac MD Real Estate

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