Kentlands MD Homes For Sale – Gaithersburg Update

Kentlands MD Homes – As the real estate market continues to produce worrisome headlines across the country, it seems that more and more of the questions I field from concerned clients is about their particular markets, not the larger markets making most of the headlines.  For instance, I don’t get a lot of calls about how the entire D.C. market is performing, but rather, I get asked about smaller communities, such as “How are homes in Gaithersburg selling?”

Gaithersburg MD homes for sale pricing

This chart shows the median asking price of properties currently on the market in Gaithersburg, which also contains Kentlands homes, which we will assume sells at about the same pace as the larger market in which it is located.  Two years ago, you will notice that the median asking price for this area was right around $500,000 and has since climbed to just above $575,000, which is a nice move, particularly considering how tough other markets are faring and that many neighborhoods that I look at for clients have actually seen prices decrease over the past few years.

Gaithersburg MD homes for sale inventory

Here is one more chart to review to help round out our review of Kentlands MD homes for sale, this one looking at how many properties are actually on the market right now.  Looking at the entire area, we can see that there are almost the exact same number of homes available today as there were at this point in 2009, about 325 homes.  That is if you look at the gold line, which is a rolling trend line.  But looking at the black line on the graph, which tracks weekly data points, we see that we actually have a few more homes available for purchase today, about 10% more.

That number actually surprises me a bit, since the first graph we looked at tracked higher prices, I would have expected to see declining inventory.  Which tells us something else is going on.  Maybe this area is in more demand than other local communities, meaning buyers are still willing to pay well just to be able to move to this local, which is a great situation for sellers to be in.

Check back here often for more updates on the Kentlands community, and we will continue to track recent real estate activity to see how buyers and sellers are behaving.  In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call or email and we will respond just as quickly as possible.

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