Fallsgrove MD Homes For Sale August Update

Using my normal data source, it is a bit tricky getting exact details of the Fallsgrove MD homes market, but I will do what I can in a pinch.  Instead, I looked at the entire Rockville area, and then we can get a pretty good idea of what is happening in Fallsgrove, since it is very unlikely that the rest of the community is behaving one way while a smaller part is wildly different.

Falls Grove MD asking prices homes chart

Looking above, at the median asking prices of Rockville, we see two years worth of numbers, going back to mid or late August of 2009.  At that point, the median value of Fallsgrove MD homes for sale was a hair above $425,000, looking at the weekly data points shown in black.  One year later, that same measurement was tracking much lower at $380,000, give or take.  And today?  We split the difference between the two preceding years, and are now sitting at almost exactly $400,000, but possibly heading for a bit of a fall, as you can see the trend line, shown in gold, is already leveled out and bending down, which is not what we like to see, if you are a fan of rising prices for you Fallsgrove home.

Falls Grove MD homes for sale inventory

Here is one more chart to give you a better idea of what is happening with Fallsgrove MD homes, especially in regards to how many are actually on the market at any given time.  This graph tracks how many active units have been available in Rockville over the past 2 years, and it follows pretty much the same path as the median asking price, with a drop one year and then a bit of a rebound the following year.  In this case, we have 280 units available in August of 2009, down to 200 in 2010, and then back up to 285 or so this past week.

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