Silver Spring

The largest suburban city in the Metro Washington DC area is the Silver Spring Md real estate market.  Real estate in Silver Spring varies due to the large area it encompasses.  It’s made up of seven zip codes, from the southern part of the city that meets the Washington DC line, and then north to the upper most zip code, it is approximately fifteen miles.

The most talked about part of Silver Spring in recent years is the revitalization and build-up of what is known as Downtown Silver Spring.  Real estate in this part of the city is akin to that in northern Washington DC, which borders downtown Silver Spring to the South, and is very much urbanized.  The downtown area has an abundance of new construction and has the feel of the city; a vibrant community with restaurants, the arts and culture, with the center piece being the iconic AFI Silver Theatre.  The downtown Silver Spring homes  are a mix of 1930’s and 1940’s colonials and cape cods.  Prices in these neighborhoods range from the high $300,000 range to the mid $600,000 range with the larger Colonials in the neighborhoods fetching the highest prices.

Silver Spring is so large that it has smaller cities or neighborhoods that are part of the Silver Spring postal system but referred to by name; such as Wheaton and Aspen Hill.  These two areas are north of the downtown area by several miles.  As you drive North out of the downtown area along the popular Georgia Avenue you’ll reach Wheaton and you’ll get a sense of the city feel, although on a much smaller scale as compared to Silver Springs downtown area.  In the 1950’s Wheaton had a small explosion of over 400 businesses in part due to the expansion and paving of Georgia Avenue.   Much of the real estate concentrated around Wheaton are 1940’s and 1950’s Colonials, Cape Cods and Ramblers.  The MLS shows that the median price of a single family home in Wheaton to be approximately $250,000.

Driving North from Wheaton on Georgia Avenue just a few miles you’ll  approach Aspen Hill.  Many of the neighborhoods in Aspen Hill are approximately 50 years old or so and range in price from $200,000-$350,000.  North and east of Aspen are many neighborhoods old and new and prices vary due to the age and size of the homes.  This part of Silver Spring is suburban mixed with some commercial shopping areas and parks.   A quick search of properties for sale shows a range from as low as $200,000 all the way up to $800,000.