King Farm

The King Farm real estate market is located approximately 16 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. Founded in 1997; the community was designed with space for living, working, shopping, near-transportation and recreation. The community offers a wide variety of housing types including single family homes, townhomes and condominiums.

King Farm’s contains five unique neighborhoods with their architecture taking inspiration from Colonial, Georgian, and Victorian tradition. The intent of the town plan is to create a community inspired by the streetcar communities of Forest Hills, New York; Shaker Heights, Ohio; and Lake Forest, Illinois. Each neighborhood is well connected to the others and to the surrounding city by roads, highways, subway lines, and bike trails. Sidewalks, narrow streets, and an interconnected street grid make walking within King Farm very easy. The community also contains 45 acres of parkland, swimming pools, fitness facilities, walking and biking trails as well as the Kings Farm Village Center which offers dozens of shops, retail stores, restaurants and a grocery store. All these amenities make it easy for residents to get everything they need without leaving their own community.

King Farm has received recognition from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency for its use of Smart Growth Principles and was recently honored by the Montgomery County Government when it was named as one of three Rockville parks to receive the annual “Keep Montgomery County Beautiful” community award.

The Shady Grove Metro station is just across Frederick Road from the King Farm community. And as added benefit to residents, King Farm operates private shuttle buses in a continuous loop, Monday through Friday, to the Shady Grove Metro station.