Home Buyers

Becoming a DC real estate home buyer can be one of the most difficult experiences you ever have, maybe second only to selling your home!   My job as a Realtor is to make this process as easy and as pleasant as humanly possible.  Over the years, I have found that expert market knowledge is the single largest contributor to my clients being able to get the best possible deal and making the entire process proceed just as smoothly as possible.

For instance, when looking to become a DC area home owner, many people want to know about different neighborhoods, and how they stack up to each other.  How expensive is Chevy Chase vs. Bethesda?  How long do homes in Potomac tend to stay on the market?  What does the inventory level look like in Avenel or other similar communities?  As a buyer, this type of information is invaluable, as it can steer you towards a wise investment for years to come, while at the same time giving you a negotiating advantage over sellers and other buyers who aren’t as equipped with such useful knowledge.

And that is exactly what I strive to provide, plus much more. For all of the readers who follow this blog,  you have surely seen quite a number of articles and blog posts about market trends in many of the  different communities around the metro DC area.  This kind of research keeps me in front of most of the other Realtors around in regards to all of the market movements and most current trends.  And isn’t that what you are looking for in a  real estate agent?  How about expert knowledge combined with exceptional service?

Not only do I come prepared with the DC/Virginia and Maryland real estate market data that is easily obtained, and that you will find on many other blogs, but I also provide more in depth information, breaking down statistics for individual zip codes and even smaller niches.  Perhaps you are interested in purchasing a home in the Bethesda real estate market.  I can assure you that the market in Bethesda is going to be different than the market for properties in the Rockville real estate market, and that if I just give you one number to describe both markets, I have likely not described either one very well at all!  Without breaking the numbers down into smaller segments, they are close to worthless and do not really aid you, the home buyer, in your upcoming purchase.

If you are thinking of buying a home in the DC real estate market, including the suburban areas like the Silver Spring real estate market or any other metro area city or town, and you would like some detailed information about market conditions in any specific part of town, please don’t hesitate to visit our DC Home Buyers Market Reports page, or you can always contact me directly for help.