The History of Bethesda MD From The 1920s ThroughToday

Life was bustling for residents of Bethesda MD in the 1920s… and so was the traffic — thanks to the invention of the automobile, the amount of disposable income in Bethesda, and the first village traffic signal (installed at the intersection of Wisconsin, Old Georgetown and the East West Highway).  By 1930, 6,000 vehicles passed […]

Early Homes And Life In Chevy Chase MD

I’ve always thought Chevy Chase MD was a special place. Many people thought the neighborhood must be named after the famous actor. However, this land has gone by that name since the 1700s. It is believed that “Chevy Chase” refers to a prime hunting area in Northern England’s Cheviot Hills. The area began as a […]

Silver Spring MD Profile

Q: What do comedian Lewis Black, author Rachel Carson and Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes all have in common? A: They’re all from Silver Spring, MD! Silver Spring, MD is the fourth most populated place in Maryland – after Baltimore, Columbia and Germantown. As of 2010, there were over 71,000 people living here. The renaissance of […]

Potomac MD: A Place For Winners

Potomac, MD real estate has housed very successful people in the past and in the present. It has been the home to extremely wealthy CEOs – Chuck O’Dell (Marriott International) and Kenneth Feld (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus), for example. It’s a haven for professional sports players like the NFL’s Dhani Jones, Ryan […]

The History of Chevy Chase MD

People always ask me if Chevy Chase MD was named after the famous actor. While I love the National Lampoon movies and “The Three Amigos,” I’m sorry to report that the name of the suburb really has nothing to do with the actor. And no, he was not named after Chevy Chase MD either. There […]