Bethesda Real Estate Profile

Bethesda real estate is comprised of 14 different neighborhoods filled with roughly 55,300 people. Most residents work in white collar professions as managers, executives, software developers, lawyers, designers, journalists, graphic designers and financial officers. Bethesda real estate offers some of the most expensive homes in the United States, with a median home value of $873,879.

Some people living in Bethesda real estate say it’s like the “Silicon Valley of the East” due to the abundance of young, upwardly mobile professionals and high-tech jobs. The Washingtonian says that Bethesda is a “Suburban Wonder” that has blossomed into an area with top-notch schools and ample amenities, despite being tucked away outside of Washington DC. refers to Bethesda real estate as “a walker’s paradise,” since there are so many shops, banks, churches, restaurants, schools, places of employment and attractions located within walking distance. The neighborhood also boasts scenic surroundings with lush country club lawns, mature cherry trees and large wooded lots. The only downside is that not everyone has embraced the culture of walking and the thriving restaurant / nightclub / bar section of town can become congested on weekend evenings.

The residents living in Bethesda real estate agree that this rich suburb has all the prestige and sophistication of McLean, Virginia – without the price tag. Not everyone would consider homes in the $700,000 – $1.8 million range “a bargain,” but it pales in comparison to McLean, where the price per square foot increased by over 999 percent in one year’s time!

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