Bethesda Real Estate – Luxury Homes vs Entire Sample

Normally, when writing a blog post about Bethesda real estate, I cover the entire group of homes for sale, as opposed to any particular sub-section of the overall group.  Today, I wanted to look at how the most expensive group of homes is faring when compared to the whole sample of properties currently available.

Bethesda Real Estate Price Comparison

The black line on the graph above represents the median asking price of the most expensive 25% of homes currently for sale in the Bethesda real estate marketplace, which the gold line on the bottom of the graph maps out the overall set of available units.  Besides pointing out that the more expensive quartile is more than twice as costly, it is also interesting to notice that the overall group really hasn’t lost any value over the past two years, while the luxury homes are down about $150,000 in the same time frame.

Bethesda Real Estate DOM Comparison

Here’s one more graph that won’t be very surprising either, much like the one above that pointed out that the most expensive homes for sale in Bethesda have seen a bit of a decline.  Ready for this?  The more the house costs, the more likely it is that it will take longer to sell!  Surprising, isn’t it?  To be completely truthful, the graph above only let’s us know how long homes are on the market, not necessarily why they are no longer for sale.  That means that the group of sellers who have simply given up are also measured in the numbers above, but if we assume that the numbers are similar in both groups of home, we should be pretty safe in assuming that on average a high end home will take about a month and a half longer to sell than the overall sample group of homes.

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