Bethesda Real Estate: A Relocation Story

News columnist Amy Moore recently reflected on her family’s move from Clarendon to the Bethesda real estate market. She and her husband had originally lived in a Cleveland Park brownstone to be located conveniently in the city near work. Later, they moved to Clarendon, which was full of great condos, shops, and restaurants in a walk-able community. When their daughter was born, they knew it was time to move closer to family living in Bethesda real estate.

“Bethesda has a similar urban feel as our former neighborhood of Clarendon,” Moore commented. Yet, the first thing her toddler noticed was that their new piece of Bethesda real estate was surrounded by mature trees, rather than newly planted saplings. Tree-lined sidewalks and parks bring about an appreciation of nature that isn’t typically found in more urban settings.

On the other hand, Bethesda shopping was a little more crowded and involved more driving, rather than pushing the stroller to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Moore also mentions that they felt like the youngest people in the neighborhood by about 30 years. Yet, a woman walking a yellow lab didn’t hesitate to welcome her to the neighborhood. In that sense, Bethesda real estate reflected the reality of their lifestyle better. Rather than living amid single professionals who were heavily into the bar scene, they are now “truly embracing being a suburban family.” Now they wake up to songbirds, eat homemade dinners together in their new home, and look forward to “being part of the new generation of Bethesda.”

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