Bethesda MD Wins “Top-Earning Town” & 17th “Coolest City”

Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked Bethesda as the #17 “Coolest City in America.” They rated the area a 95 on the “Arts & Culture” index, 89 on the “Recreation” index, and 67.7 on the “Diversity” index. There are 1,727 local eats too. The median age in Bethesda MD is 39, unemployment is low at 5.2 percent, and an additional 4,990 people migrated here in 2011.

Then CNN’s Money Magazine rated Bethesda MD as the #1 “Top-Earning Town” in America. With a per capita income of $82,300, it really trumps the estate per capita income – which is only $34,849! In Bethesda, the median family income is $184,606 and the median home price is $740,000 – more than twice the state average.

According to the magazine, Bethesda MD is a “hotspot for the highly educated,” with almost half of its residents possessing a graduate or professional degree. Washington D.C. is just a quick commute away, but Bethesda has built itself up as a lively downtown destination for the arts, international cuisine and a wide variety of monthly events to keep residents entertained. Local homeowners love biking down the Capital Crescent Trail to Fletcher’s Boathouse, enjoying lunch on outdoor patios, and walking their dogs at the annual Strutt Your Mutt event.

Other criteria for ranking the “Top-Earning Towns” include the following:

  • Must have 50,000 to 300,000 residents
  • Must not be a retirement community
  • Must not be a town with a major job loss
  • Must have a median income that is over double the state average
  • Must not have a median income that is less than 85% of the state average
  • Must rank high for education level
  • Must rank low for crime level

In total, there were 360 eligible U.S. cities. And Bethesda MD (with a population of 61,511) ranked the highest! Other top contenders on the list included: Greenwich, Connecticut ($167,502 median household income); Palo Alta, California ($163,661 median household income); Newport Beach, California ($156,928 median household income); Lower Merion, Pennsylvania ($153,309 median household income); Ashburn, Virginia ($146,093 median household income); Newton Massachusetts ($145,639 median household income); Hoboken, New Jersey ($140,780 median household income); Brookline, Massachusetts ($139,756 median household income); and Fairfield, Connecticut ($136,808 median household income).
Bethesda MD residents have long known they lived in a special place fully of intelligent, industrious people and filled with a vibrant, multi-cultural arts community. As Julia Rasicot of Bethesda Magazine once summed it up: “The Bethesda area has it all: bustling downtowns, great neighborhoods, restaurants galore, one of the nation’s best public school systems and some of the best private schools, a relatively recession-proof economy, and more venues for the arts than many large cities. We are also close to the ocean, the Chesapeake Bay, mountains and, of course, Washington, D.C.”

We love that the Bethesda core is super urban – with tall office buildings, restaurants, shops, gyms and movie theaters; and yet, where we actually live has a very suburban feel just steps from all the action. Tree-lined streets, playgrounds for children, and plenty of well-planned green space, and unique architectural choices gives Bethesda real estate a quality one can’t find elsewhere.

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