Bethesda MD homes for sale see asking prices rebound

Breaking down the DC real estate market into smaller sections often gives buyers and sellers a better idea of how their particular market is behaving, as opposed to lumping the entire metro area together.  Today, I’m looking only at the three zip codes that combined are often referred to as Bethesda, and I have attached a chart to give everybody a visual.  And in particular, I am looking only at Bethesda MD homes for sale, not properties that have already sold and closed, but rather, homes that are available on the market at any given time.

Bethesda MD homes for sale prices

Looking above, we can see that active homes in Bethesda had a median asking price of $1.13 million, if you allow me to round off a little bit.  As in the other graphs I have posted on this site, the gold line is a rolling trend line, and the black line markets actual data points on a weekly basis.  Two years ago, both measurements were in sync and look to be at the same value.

One year later, during February of 2010, it looks like the median asking price of Bethesda MD homes for sale dropped quite a bit, down over $100,000.  And then later in the fall of last year, it appears that a small fluctuation hit the market sending asking prices well below one million dollars and much closer to $900,000, which is a level that Bethesda hasn’t seen in quite some time.  Typically, when we see a price spike that short lived, it is safe to assume that it has more to do with a few homes coming on the market or leaving the market than some seismic change in the overall market.

And most recently, it looks like our current measurements are a bit higher than they were two years ago and most assuredly higher than last fall’s short lived plunge.  And given that we heading into spring time, a normally active season, and that our trend line is pointing up, I think that we may be looking at rising prices in Bethesda for at least the next few months, but we will have to watch to make sure.

As always, if you would like more information on Bethesda homes, such as how many homes are currently on the market, or how long they are staying on the market, or any other facts that you would find useful as either a home buyer or seller, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to put together any information that you need.

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