Avenel MD homes for sale taking longer to leave the market

The average amount of time Avenel MD homes for sale are spending on the market is on the rise, and has been for some time.  Looking at a graph of active properties in Potomac, of which Avenel is one piece, we can see that one year ago, the average home would spend about 140 days on the market before leaving.  Leaving the market could be either a successful sale, or perhaps a home owner getting tired of not selling and just taking their home off the market.

Potomac MD homes DOM chart

Fast forward one year, and what was taking 140 days is now much closer to 200 days, a two month increase!  If you will let me assume that the micro market that is Avenel follows the same trend as the larger market of Potomac, then we can see that there has been a 30% increase in the average Days On Market for Avenel MD homes for sale.

That’s obviously not the direction that most home owners want to see this data point traveling in, but there really hasn’t been very much variation over the past year as the numbers simply keep getting larger and larger.

More than any other time, when market times get longer and longer, an effective marketing plan becomes even more important to make sure your home stands out against other similar homes.  This is when you want your real estate agent to really have the most aggressive marketing possible, to make sure you are not the home pushing the high side of the numbers on the graph above, but rather you want to be a curve breaking, bringing the average down!

If you would like to see our marketing plan, and how we will make sure that your property will receive the maximum possible exposure, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a note so that we can share our marketing with you.

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