Avenel MD expired homes – best selling techniques

In our current real estate market, we are seeing more and more Avenel MD expired homes, I would suspect well above normal rates, due to the fact that there seem to be more sellers on the market today than there are buyers.  After months and months of trying to sell their homes, owners simply get tired of keeping their homes on the market, and let their listing contract expire.

If you find that you are just one such seller, that you have tried to sell your home, in Avenel or elsewhere, I have a few suggestions for you, a few marketing ideas that might help the next time you decide to place your home on the market.  Of course, these marketing ideas are all strategies that I put into place for my clients, but even if you decide not to interview me, or even hire me, make sure to ask your agent if they utilize these marketing ideas.

1)  Oversized Yard Signs – most real estate agents, across the country, use a standard size yard sign, and use most of the available space on that sign to promote themselves, as well as the company they work for.  And most sellers don’t even take the time to stop and ask why.  Why is your agent using that valuable signage to promote themselves?  At the expense of your home?  Don’t you think their marketing efforts should be aimed at actually promoting your home?  Maybe even with a few pictures of the inside, and some pertinent information about the property itself?  I know that means that a new sign would have to be ordered for each client, but isn’t that what you are paying for?  A personalized marketing plan?  I think so.

And while we are at it, not only do I believe that your yard sign should have personalized info on it, but why not go ahead and make it much larger than all of the other yards signs that are out there?  Buyers still identify homes they might be interested in by noticing yard signs.  Go ahead and use that situation to make sure that your property really stands out, and looks much more interesting and inviting than your neighbor’s home.  Because this is a competition, and your Avenel MD expired listing needs to really shine the next time it comes on to the market.

2)  Listing Syndication – here is another idea to help your home reach as many possible buyers as possible, and one that you need to make sure your agent is utilizing.  Most agents will make sure to get your home on the MLS, or on the web somehow, but probably just to one or two sites.  Why not take the extra step and make sure your home information as well as pictures, gets syndicated to as many real estate websites as possible?  Sites like Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and more.  This is not a difficult step, and if your agent doesn’t know what you are talking about when you ask about syndication, maybe that should be a clue.

That was just two simple ideas I use everyday when listing homes for clients to make sure that their properties get seen by as many people as possible.  If you have any questions at all about your Avenel home not selling, or even if you live in a different neighborhood, and you have a Bethesda expired home, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share our marketing plan and show you how to sell your home this time out, even if you were unable to last time you tried.

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