AreaVibes Calls Chevy Chase “Exceptionally Livable”

A new website AreaVibes has rated Chevy Chase MD as “exceptionally livable,” with A+ for amenities, A+ for crime, A+ for employment, A+ for housing and B for weather. They did give us a C for education and an F for cost of living, but the good news is – we’re still better than Bethesda! Overall, AreaVibes gave Chevy Chase MD a total Livability Score of 87, while giving Bethesda an 84. I happen to really like Bethesda… but what can I say? It’s a sort of a sibling rivalry thing for the people of Chevy Chase!

Not So Fast… Our Education System Is Much Better Than We Get Street Credit For!
My first thought was “A C?? They gave us a C for education? You’ve got to be kidding me!” The Town of Somerset and Friendship Heights received a slightly better C+ in education, but still… It seems like an unfair characterization to give Chevy Chase MD a C in education. After all, Montgomery County’s public schools were ranked #1 by Education Week recently. They ranked the nation overall as a “C” in education, but Maryland received a “B+” grade. Furthermore, if you went to, you would find schools like Chevy Chase Elementary (rated 9/10), Somerset Elementary (9/10) and North Chevy Chase Elementary (8/10). US News & World Report rated Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School as #6 in the state. It sounds like we’re not so bad after all!

Is The Cost Of Living Too High In Chevy Chase MD?
The “F” we got for cost of living smarted too. Well, the median list price of houses is $1.2 million. rates our cost of living as double the national average.  SalaryExpert puts us on par with North Caldwell, New Jersey in terms of living expenses. Yet, one must also take into consideration that the median household income is $186,974. The average median household income for the best places in America (according to CNN) is $99,975.
On the AreaVibes website, the cost of living in Chevy Chase MD is actually not too far off from the nation averages – in terms of goods and services (101 for Chevy Chase; 100 for the nation); groceries (113 for Chevy Chase; 111 for Maryland; 100 for the nation);  health care (100 for Chevy Chase; 100 for the nation); transportation (110 for Chevy Chase; 100 for the nation); or utilities (124 for Chevy Chase; 115 for Maryland; 100 for the nation). Hey, technically, the cost of coffee is 13.8 percent LOWER than the national average and the price of pizza is 11.8 percent lower!

According to Trulia, the sales price of homes has dropped 0.5 from August 2011-2012. The price also dropped 5 percent from 2010-2011. Yet, if you look at the charts, we have had pretty steady prices and pretty steady sales here because the property values hold weight.

The Bottom Line:  Chevy Chase MD is a great place to live and real estate is in high demand here! That being said, I show properties for all price ranges and needs, so please contact me if you want to live in one of America’s “most livable” destinations!

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