George Head ShotThank you for stopping by www.DCRealEstateMarketplace.com, a resource designed to help DC Area residents buy and sell their homes, quickly, without a hassle and for the best price.   George Papakostas and our team know and understand the real estate business and how to market homes on the internet.   In order to serve our clients, we have assembled the best tools and resources for both buyers and sellers.  As an example, we have an outstanding marketing plan that is unmatched around town which results in shorter market times for DC Area homes when compared to other agents.  Our marketing plan is centered around internet marketing which the homes we sell exponential exposure on Google and on the internet in general. And for the buyers, this site utilizes the most advanced and user friendly property search available.

Contrary to some people’s thoughts, it is not simply by placing a home on the market that makes it sell, as many other agents hope.  But rather, we have found that it takes  knowledge of the local markets combined with an innovative and advanced marketing plan that really makes the difference!

In an effort to truly serve buyers and sellers we make a strong effort to post valuable and interesting content, you will notice that the bulk of our blog posts are about the market ups and downs for small markets in and around D.C.  For instance, if you are interested in learning about the median asking prices of Bethesda MD homes for sale, we are here for you.  Or maybe you want to see just how many Potomac MD homes are available for sale today compared to this time last year.  We have you covered there too.

And if you are considering placing your home on the market, and want to make sure you hire a real estate agent utilizing the most advanced and aggressive marketing plan in existence, then look no further!  When we are hired to sell a property, we have a detailed list of activities to set up, designed to generate the maximum amount of traffic, both virtual and physical.  These marketing methods are available to other agents, but most choose not to utilize them, either due to their own limited knowledge, or due to the cost of these tools.

For example, when hired, for each listing, we will create unique yard signs which are much larger than our competitor’s, and which highlight the property in question and not the agent or agency.  In addition, we will purchase a domain name for your home, such as 123MainStreet.info and will link that url to a dedicated page, making it easier for buyers to find your home.  In addition, as you can see, we are very active bloggers and will include your property on our many different websites to guarantee that potential buyers can find your home as easily as possible.

And what about videos?  Craigs List?  Maybe you are a home owner in the Chevy Chase MD real estate market and want to see a live video of your home show up on YouTube and Craigs List as part of your listing package.  No problem, we have your needs taken care of!

In short, if you find that you are considering buying or selling your DC area home, and feel you are ready to take advantage of the most technologically advanced techniques available in the DC Real Estate Marketplace, request your free copy of our marketing plan and we will be happy to assist you.